Rates of a Session

When you make an appointment, you can declare how long you would like the session to be. The intake, taking a shower before and after a session and our talk afterwards are not included in the play time. The minimal duration of a session is 30 minutes. The maximum is up to you. Some of the possibilities during a session require a longer duration and may therefore not be available during a shorter session. If you have specific wishes for a session, contact me to discuss the possibilities and duration. See rates below.

Rates of a Session

1 hour
€ 220,-
1,5 hour
€ 330,-
2 hour
€ 440,-
Longer Sessions are also possible. Rates are € 110,- per extra half hour.

Double Trouble

Do you find it exciting to have a session with two Mistresses? That way, you will get the double amount of attention...or troubles.... It will be double the fun!

The Double Trouble session I do, I play together with Mistress Alex. We have played together a lot and we are fine-tuned to each other. It is also possible to combine a Double Trouble session with a session with just me, either at the start of our session or at the end.

Look for more information on the Double Trouble page.

Mrs Victoria & Mrs Alex gaan samen verder!

Rates of a Double Trouble Session

1 hour
€ 350,-
1,5 hour
€ 525,-
2 hour
€ 700,-

Longer Sessions are also possible. Rates are € 175,- per extra half hour.

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It is possible to add Confinement to your session for € 40,- per half an hour. Confinement can bring you some rest after an intense part of a session or it can let you enjoy a part of a session, e.g. being in Bondage. View my blog page about Confinement.

Half-a-Day Sessions

If you are fond of long sessions, there is a special rate for three hour sessions. These are the Half-a-Day Sessions, for which the rate will be 500 euros for Mistress Sessions and for Kinky Mistress Sessions. As with all sessions, the intake, taking a shower and (un-)dressing, will not be included in the three hours.


Would you like to serve multiple Mistresses with all kinds of tasks and housekeeping?
Do you find it exciting to have a session and being in the Studio for a long time?

  • 2 hours cleaning & tasks & 45 minutes Session = € 325-
  • 3 hours cleaning & tasks & 1 hour Session = € 460,-

For more information check the page Maid for Service.