Needle Play & Nursing – Interests

I like to take the sting out of the needle.

Description of Needles & Nursing

Playing with needles is a lovely activity for me. For slaves it often has, maybe contrary to expectations, a relaxing effect. The pain you feel is not that bad. In a few places where you would expect a lot of pain your skin is very elastic, you barely feel anything. The psychological effect is what makes it intense. Besides, I can make all kinds of patterns with needles of the same of different thicknesses. You will be my canvas, you will be my work of art!

Have you never played with needles before? Inform me about this so I can make sure this will be a memorable experience. Do you have a lot of experience and do you want to take an extra step? Great! A next step could be a more exciting body part, a bigger work of art, combining with other elements (like electro), or using nails, hooks or needle and thread.

I also like Medical Play! I can examine your entire body, in all your nooks and crannies... But it doesn't stop there. We could combine anal, sounds, CBT and Role Play too.


  • Different needle thicknesses and lengths
  • Making Art / create patterns
  • Needle massage
  • Stretching skin with needles
  • Introduction & getting rid of fear for needles
  • Needle corset
  • Other art with needle and thread
  • Fear Play
  • Medical examination
  • Anal examination
  • Urethral examination (sounds)
  • Nails, hooks and sutures
  • Electro on needles
  • Erotic needle play
  • Needles can be placed: on the entire body (exept face), like nipples, skin of the penis, dick head, scrotum
Mrs Victoria DeVil - Naalden & Nursing
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