Electro Play & Fire Play – Interests

I like you to be in the line of my fire.

Description of Electro Play& Fire Play

Description of Electro Play & Fire Play

I think electricity and fire are two great sensations. Sensations to play with. It can be very threatening. The actual effect, though, is not that bad. You probably have run your finger through a flame. How did that feel? Was it hot? Could you handle it?

I own a few well known instruments for Electro Play. I also own a few less known thingies for Electro Play. These instruments can give you different sensations. They vary from a slight tingle to severe electrical pulses. It depends on what you like and what you can handle. I like to explore limits. I can finetune that with electro. Well? Are you ready for a shocking experience?


  • Electrostim (huge variety in effects)
  • Violet wand
  • My body as electric conducter
  • Elektroschok instruments
  • Veeprikstok (as in the picture on the right)
  • Playing with fire (short flash and wildfire)
  • Fireball
  • Candles
  • Sigaret (threatening + tapping + branding)
  • Hot needles
  • Nipple clamps with electro
  • Electrocupping
  • Electrosounds
  • Electrodildo
  • Electrohumbler
  • Electroball clamp
  • Lighter
  • Smoke Play
  • Playing with smoke (no sigaret, no nicotine)
Mrs Victoria DeVil - Elektro & Fire Play
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