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I like to choke the bear.

Description of Choking & Breath Control

While breathing is nice, it is also nice to sometimes feel you can breath. Strangulation and Breath Control can help with that.

There is a clear difference between Breath Control and Strangulation. With Breath Control I make sure you do not inhale new breath. Blood circulation still works and your brain still gets oxygen. With Strangulation I close up the common carotid arteries. Your brain will not receive new oxygen. This gives a totally different effect. Like an oxygen-rush when I let go.

This might sound dangerous, but it is done by me. When we have our first session, I will never let you go 'out'. That is because I do not know your body language fully yet. I will always use what you can handle as a starting point. I will apply these techniques with a sense of safety. The effects on you brain are minimal: one good strangulation is as bad for you as drinking one beer. If you compare that to smoking, fast food, alcohol and other drugs, strangulation isn't so bad, is it?


  • Gass mask
  • Vacuum bed
  • Plastic bag
  • Foil
  • Tape
  • Blood strangulation
  • Hand on mouth and nose
  • Slipknot with rope
  • Stranglehold
  • Mummification
  • Face-sitting
Breath Play
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