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Chastity will set you free.

Description of Chastity & Keyholding

Have you ever thought of chastity? I think it is a lovely way of submission when a men gives the control of his penis to me. I noticed with several men that chastity has a positive effect on their behavior. In general, chaste subs think before they act or speak and they are less busy with their penis. Chaste subs are more subservient to me. How glorifying!

When this concept is new to you, it is ill advised to start wearing a case non-stop, to be locked up 24/7. Your body has to adept. It is also a quest for every man to find the right cage, which differs per situation. For example, some professions can not be combined with a metal cage (working with a metal detector). Furthermore, every man is shaped differently, so finding the right cage for you can take a while.

After a period of habituation and when we found the right cage, then the adventure starts for real. Eventually we can work towards handing over the key officially. This is a moment of great joy for me. In short, with the right build-up there are great achievements to realize. Salvation once in a while will be even more intense...


  • Trying chastity cages
  • Building up chastity
  • 24/7 chastity
  • Building up keyholding
  • 24/7 keyholding
  • Orgasm control
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