CBT & Ballbusting – Interests

I'd like to ballbust out laughing.

Description of CBT & Ballbusting

The term CBT is quite clear: Cock & Ball Torture. The male genitalia are outstanding toys. There are enough possibilities to torture them, but CBT does not have to be very painful. Soft taps (that are regularly experienced as pleasant) are also part of CBT.

What do you think of a tight ball bondage or penis bondage? Or my nails running over your tightly stretched scrotum, pinching here and there? Or a well placed kick in the nuts? Only to tickle your groin so you do not know what to do with yourself?


  • Ball bondage
  • Penis bondage
  • Ballbusting
  • Giving knees
  • Pinching in balls or penis or skin
  • Needles through skin
  • Needles through dick head
  • Hooks, nails en sutures
  • Sounding and electro sounding
  • Tickling
  • Dick-slapping
  • Clamps (nipple clamps can be applied anywhere)
  • Ball clamp en ball crusher
  • Stretching balls
  • Humbler
  • Weights
  • Wax Play
  • Electro
  • Fire Play & branding
  • Using my nails
  • Hitting with instruments like floggers and canes
  • The ball-stretcher-crusher on the picture to the right...
Mrs Victoria DeVil - CBT & Ballbusting
Mistress Victoria DeVil - Signature