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Donna Fiera exclusive SM-Studio, which means a woman of pride, is an SM-Studio with a unique interpretation of the SM-genre. The Studio is distinguished by offering an extra touch of flair and class to our guests. Discretion, hygiene and a professional approach to the ‘play’ are of the utmost importance.

Studio Donna Fiera has a solid team of performers, all with their own style and expertise. They are all professional performers and they know how to make dreams come true.

The driving force behind Donna Fiera is owner Mistress Jill. With her own ideas and insight, she transformed the studio into an establishment that appeals to her clientele. Not only based on the metamorphosis of Donna Fiera, but also on the charisma of the performers and of course, herself!

Moreover, from her conviction that every man and woman will look for extremes within their own intimacy at some point, she brings the world of SM closer to the public. It is possible to rent the rooms to get a workshop, alone or with a partner. Furthermore, erotic art is being displayed in the windows and in Donna Fiera. Most pieces of art are made by Mistress Jill herself.

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There are several photos for you to see so you can get an impression of what Studio Donna Fiera and the rooms looks like. Of course, there is a lot more to see than these photos reveal. To see more, make an appointment and come to see and experience it for yourself.

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