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Rules for submission

Use the form on the right to submit your story. Keep in mind the following.

  • Fields with an * are mandatory.
  • Filling in a valid email address is mandatory.
  • Giving the name of the author is optional, if you do not fill in a name it will say 'anonymous'.
  • The field 'extra notes' is a personal message to me and will not be published with the story.
  • When you submit the story you automatically give me permission to publish the story on my website.
  • I keep the right to not publish a story at all times.
  • I will send you a short reaction with my opinion about the story and if I will publish it on my website.
  • This form is not intended for questions about possibilities.

Rules for the Story

  • The story may be based on a true story or fully based on your fantasy.
  • The story must contain BDSM elements.
  • Your story has to have a storyline, not only fragments.
  • Your story has to have a minimum of 2500 characters (about 400-500 words). There is no maximum.
  • The story has to be taken seriously. Fantasy can also be taken seriously. However, I do not publish nonsense.

After submitting your story, I will read it with great joy.

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