FemDom Drieluik II

Session Review: The FemDom Triptych II

I received a nice email last february. It contained a session proposal, titled: the FemDom Triptych. It became a very special session with a few surprises from me, but he also had a few surprises for me. Here you can read the review, including […]

A Shower of Gold

Golden Showers: Messing with Pee

Golden Showers are not totally unknown for a lot of people. This term has made the news several times. In this article I would like to address a subject that invokes interest, disgust, or both in people. Why is it so interesting to be […]


Bi-slave Afternoon – Special Event

For all subs or slaves who fantasise about, (forcefully or not) being used by several Mistresses for activities with other male subs. Of course, other aspects of BDSM will be used as well. Does this sound appealing? Then the bi-slave day, is a day […]


Are You Afraid of Needles?

A lot of people see Needles as something scary, something that hurts too much and is only meant for the extreme people among us. I can understand very well that people have that opinion, but I am sorry to hear it. If a needle […]

Extreme Tease & Denial

Extreme Tease & Denial

There are many possibilities in a session. One of these possibilities is Tease & Denial: a play of teasing, provoking, seducing and rejecting. With Extreme Tease & Denial I will go a step further.       Do you want to be seduced by […]