Nipple Torture

Nipple Play: Prepare Your Nipples!

Are you prepared? Here is an article about Nipple Play! There are all kinds of proverbs about limbs. “Better the foot slip than the tongue,” “It is more necessary to guard the mouth than the chest,” “To put your foot down,” “She has you […]

Pijn is Fijn

No Pain No Gain

The pain threshold is not the same for everyone. Some people can simply handle more pain than others. But did you know you can change your own pain threshold? On both a short and a long term basis? Top-level Sport Long term pain thresholds […]

FemDom Drieluik II

Session Review: The FemDom Triptych II

I received a nice email last february. It contained a session proposal, titled: the FemDom Triptych. It became a very special session with a few surprises from me, but he also had a few surprises for me. Here you can read the review, including […]

CBT Ball Bondage

CBT: Do you Have the Balls?

There is are possibility of a short talk before the sart of a session, to talk about the wishes and more importantly, the hard limits. What strikes me sometimes is how some react to the option of CBT, or Cock & Ball Torture. There […]


Bi-slave Afternoon – Special Event

For all subs or slaves who fantasise about, (forcefully or not) being used by several Mistresses for activities with other male subs. Of course, other aspects of BDSM will be used as well. Does this sound appealing? Then the bi-slave day, is a day […]


Are You Afraid of Needles?

A lot of people see Needles as something scary, something that hurts too much and is only meant for the extreme people among us. I can understand very well that people have that opinion, but I am sorry to hear it. If a needle […]