The Kinky Web Awards

Like every year in the month of May, there is an election on the website of the Kinky Web, also known as the TKW Awards!

It is an election to recognize and spoil those who contributed to the development of BDSM, within and/or outside od the scene. The nomination-round is still active at this moment.

I have been nominated for Best Mistress 2018!

There are three categories you can nominate somebody for. These are:

  • Best Mistress/Master 2018
  • Best BDSM Event 2018
  • BDSM Professional 2018

What is different about these awards: you can vote once a day, for 2 weeks.

You will vote as well, right?

Miss Victoria is nominated for Best Mistress 2018!

As soon as the Nomination-round has finished, the voting can begin. However, I have to be selected first! So notify The Kinky Web if you think I should win!

Vote for Miss Victoria: Best Mistress 2018!

As said above, the Jury of the TKW Awards will select a couple of people from the list of nominees. They will do so by using certain criterium, described on the TKW website.

Do you think that I should have a chance to win one of the prices of the TKW Awards? Send your nomination to The Kinky Web. Make sure that your nomination contains your name and the reason why you nominated me!

You do know how to make your Mistress happy, right?

Will there be Prices?

Absolutely! Especially the first two Prices appeal to me: I would like to have a logo and I have been thinking about going to London for some weeks now. So, this would be perfect! Besides, I would be proud to earn this title!

These are the Prices:

  • A beautiful logo for my website, to show everybody that I won
  • One night in the Hoxton Dungeon Suite in London
  • Four coupons of 100 euros
  • Three TKW Awards cups

Will you make me proud?

More Information

Go to the TKW Website about the TKW Awards 2018 for more information about the TKW Awards, criteria and current list of participants.

Do you have a question for me? Send me an e-mail.

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