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The pain threshold is not the same for everyone. Some people can simply handle more pain than others. But did you know you can change your own pain threshold? On both a short and a long term basis?

Top-level Sport

Long term pain thresholds can be influenced the same way as practicing a sport: the more often you try something, the better you get at it. It is advisable to not have too much time betweens Sessions, so your body can get used to the build up and will not think that is experiencing something new every few months.

High Heels on Back of slave

High Heels on Back of slave

What Is Pain?

You experience pain with your brain. When, for example, a whip lands on your back, an electrical signal travels from the nerve endings, via the spinal cord to your brain. Until now you did not experience any aching, only the signal has been fired. Only when your brain interprets this signal as ‘dangerous, this causes damage’, then you experience that something hurts. Pain is a warning system of your body to prevent further damage.

Inside the Brain

The brain consists of different areas with different functions. The areas that register pain and pleasure are placed next to each other. In some people’s brains these areas are more connection than in other people’s brains, or even partially fused. When something hurts you, your brain will also give the pleasure signal. Behold, the natural born masochist. Unfortunately, pleasure can also physically hurt then.

Threshold or Limit?

Caned Arse of slave

Caned Arse of slave

There is a difference between pain threshold and pain limit. The pain threshold is the point above which you experience something as hurtful. The pain limit is how much you can handle without collapsing. When I said ‘move your own pain threshold’, I meant both, moving both your pain threshold and your pain limit. Both are possible.

Adrenaline and Endorphin

There are two substances your brain can make that have the effect that you feel less agony: adrenaline and endorphin. Adrenaline is usually released when your body has no time to pay attention to what is hurting because it is busy surviving in an extreme situation. This substance wears off quickly and the pain will still come. Endorphin works differently. When your body is experiencing sustained exertion, it will decrease the sense of hurt, but it will also make you feel content and happy. Endorphin wears off a lot slower than adrenaline and the side effects are more pleasant.

Moving Boundaries

How can you stretch your pain threshold and/or limit?

Make sure you are relaxed during a session. That is easier said than done, but being relaxed is essential. When done right, relaxing can eventually become meditation. A session where the experience of pain is prolonged in a way you can still handle it, can get you in a meditative state. You notice that you are getting more calm and you can get a smile on your face.

A heavily Caned arse of slave

A heavily Caned arse of slave

The pain gets less with every hit.

Another very important thing is mutual trust. It is very hard to relax when you have to submit to somebody you do not fully trust. A good intake can be of help here. Doing multiple sessions with the same person also increases trust. Your brain can lower it’s guard a bit and focus more on relaxing, meditating and releasing endorphin.


Do not expect too much from a first session. That does not mean it can not be magnificent, but not expecting anything can help you relax. Your body has to get used to dealing with pain. Maybe you have to get used to the idea that you can use pain meditatively, or that feeling pain in a submissive relation with a Mistress can make you feel joy. How you have to concentrate is difficult to explain, but you will figure that out yourself after a few sessions. Your own experience teaches you how to relax (on command).

A slave About Pain

Pne of my regular slaves says the following: “Sometimes, there is a limit you have to cross. I know from experience that the meditative state is not as easy to reach as every other time. Factors like stress, emotions, health and fatigue have a great influence on how easy it is to submit to relaxation. You do not only submit to your Misteress but also to pain and your own concentration. It can happen that subconsciously you are still dealing with a lot of stuff, while you think you are concentrating. In that case it is important to play with a Mistress who can empathise and understands what your reactions mean, like Mistress Victoria."

Marks of Canes, Bullwhip & Suction Cups

Marks of Canes, Bullwhip & Suction Cups

When your submission to your Mistress and the pain do work, it is possible you only notice afterwards. It is a feeling you need to learn to recognise. What happened to me quite a few times is that the hits felt less and less painful, while Miss Victoria was actually hitting harder and harder. She noticed I could handle a lot more than at the beginning of the session. My brain decided at that point to label the incoming hits as ‘not dangerous’."

What sometimes happens in that meditative state is that I can finally get rid of some built up emotion. Showing emotions is something that is hard for me. It is not impossible, but difficult. Sometimes I need a session to let go of some emotion. When that happens, tears flow down my cheeks while I don’t want her to stop hitting me, and she doesn’t. That kind of submission I can recommend to every slave.

Thanks to the endorphins, and probably a lot of other chemical tricks of the brain, I feel utterly relaxed after such a session. When that happens, I notice that I talk more slowly, more calm, my movements are more controlled, the pain is still not worth mentioning, I am feeling relieved and I wear a permanent grin. I usually say something like: “That was exactly what I needed.”

Mistress Victoria, thank you.”

Do you want to know how much painful things you can handle? Contact me and make an appointment for a session.

“No Pain No Gain” is brought to you by Brain and the Endorphines.
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