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There are all kinds of proverbs about limbs. “Better the foot slip than the tongue,” “It is more necessary to guard the mouth than the chest,” “To put your foot down,” “She has you under her thumb.”

None of these proverbs contains the word nipple. Why not? It is not a recently discovered body-part, almost everybody has been raised with it. But what is this small piece of body?

Why Do men Have Nipples?

Why women have nipples is not a mystery at all. They are mammals, they feed their young with them. Why there is such a commotion about public breast feeding is a total mystery to me. Why would you not be allowed to feed your children?

Nipple after Suction Cup

Nipple after Suction Cup

But why do men have nipples? All mammals have nipples. The reason why men have them is not entirely sure. Most biologists claim that nipples have been there for a very long time and there was no evolutionary reason to let them disappear (like our tail). Furthermore, if you look at the development of the human embryo, nipples are being developed before the choice between male or female is definite. Given that they can be stimulated on both men and women they at least have a sexual use.

Nipple Clamp on Nipple

Nipple Clamp on Nipple

Men also react sensitively to touching their nipples. There is a substance that the brain releases when the nipples are being pinched: oxytocine. This substance lets mother bond with their babies. Another effect of oxytocine is that it increases mutual trust. There is good reason it is also called the 'Bonding Molecule'.

Nipple Torture

There is a big variety in nipples, as well in shape as in sensitivity. What is possible with all nipples, is training them. Your nipples can handle a lot more than you would think. Sometimes some extra time and practice is needed though. "Nipple Torture" is a broad term because there is a lot you can doe with nipples.

Nails through Nipples on a plank

Nails through Nipples on a plank

Do you know what you can do with nipples besides squeezing them? Licking, biting, caressing, add clamps to them, hang weights on them, roll over them with a Wartenberg Pinwheel... Maybe even put a needle through them? If you want a Session where the focus is on Nipple Play, have no fear, I am not so easily bored! I love the way people react when I play with their nipples, in every way. Sometimes they almost seem to float!

A slave About Nipple Play

One of my regular slaves says the following about Nipple Torture. "At first I was not that eager to try Nipple Torture. Mistress Victoria was... I thought my nipples could not handle anything, but she showed me that they could handle a lot more than I thought. Now that she is playing with my nipples regularly, I notice that the pain fades away sooner, the time they stay really sensitive is getting shorter."

Lots of Pegs on a slave's body

Lots of Pegs on a slave's body

"There are two effect that I find very special in Nipple Torture. The first one is that when a clamp is hanging on my nipple, it gets pretty numb. Until she removes it! Blood flows back into the nipple, giving a pretty intense pain sensation. The option to leave it on, in the long run, does not exist... The second effect I love is when she combines Nipple Play with CBT. At first I thought that the two kinds of pain would magnify each other, but as it turned out, they reduce each other. That was an odd thing to experience."

She squeezed both places harder and harder, but I felt less and less.


Do you want me to play with your nipples? Make an appointment with me in the Studio.

May I squeeze your nipples? You can trust me...
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