Are You Afraid of Needles?

Miss Victoria inviting you to play with needles

A lot of people see Needles as something scary, something that hurts too much and is only meant for the extreme people among us. I can understand very well that people have that opinion, but I am sorry to hear it. If a needle is placed the right way, you do not feel more than a pinprick. Which is gone the moment the needle is in…

Due to the slight pain endorphins can be released, causing a kind of rush. It also happens that people who are afraid of needles overcome that fear thanks to a Needle Play.

How Badly Does It Hurt?

That question is hard to answer, it differs per person. Not only the way of experiencing pain differs per person, not everybody has the same pain limit. The point with needles is that the way it looks and the fact that somebody has the power to 'get under your skin' can be quite overwhelming. Because of this people usually experience emotional pain in stead of physical pain. Furthermore, people often think Needle Play will give a constant pain, from the moment the needle enters the skin to the moment it is taken out. This is not the case at all.

Needles in slave tigern-rojb's leg

Needles in slave tigern-rojb's leg

I prefer to insert the needle as quick as possible, in that way the pain will not be more than a pinprick.

As soon as the needle is placed, the pain disappears. After the insertion I like to run over the skin where the needle is placed with my finger or turn the needles. This can give a new dose of endorphins while you barely feel anything. It can be an odd feeling, especially when Needle Play is new to you. Also, the needles will not penetrate your body deeply, they will be placed parallel to the skin, which makes the pain far less than you might think. A good whipping session is a lot more painful that getting a few needles!

What Kind of Needles Are Used?

Needles that are used in Needle Play

Needles that are used in Needle Play

Of course I use needles that are suitable for a BDSM play. There are a lot of different needles: different lengths and widths that all give a different feeling. Every needle has a hollow round plastic base, in different colours depending on the kind of needle. This piece will obviously never enter your skin, they are on the needle so you can easily hold them (and to attach them to a syringe). The needle itself is made of metal, the tip is cut of diagonally. You can see at the tip that the needle is hollow too. These needles can not bend, they remain straight when placed.

The thickness of a needle is indicated with the term 'gauge', abbreviated as 'G'. The higher the gauge-number, the thinner the needle. A 25G needle is thinner than a 18G needle. The length of a needle is given in inches or millimeters.

Most needles used in a BDSM Play vary between 18G and 25G. A thicker needle will be felt more intensely and takes longer to place. Therefore, when somebody has no experience with needles, I always use thin, short needles.

Needles can be placed in many areas of the skin, for example the back, belly, backside of the arm, arse or upper leg. People with more experience can get needles in other places like through the nipples or the skin of the genitals. When placed in the scrotum, the needle will never pierce the testicles!

Needles in slave paul's arse

Needles in slave paul's arse

But Still, I Am Afraid... So No Thank You...

Needle spiral in slave tigern-rojb's back

Needle spiral in slave tigern-rojb's back

I understand! Too bad, but I understand. I would never do something against your will, however awesome I think it is. Just like I ask to accept it when I say 'No', I will accept yours. I can offer it, but if you really do not want it, I will not. There are more than enough other fun things to do!

When you are afraid, but also curious, even if it is just to have experienced it once... I would like to place one single needle. Just one. To know what it is like. Then you may decide whether you want more or if one is enough. I would like to help you in your exploration, to help you find out if Needle Play is something for you, but I will always take your fears into account!

Great, I Want To Try This!

Awesome! That is wonderful to hear! Please tell me if it is your first experience with Needle Play, then I will bear that in mind.

I am looking forward to it, when are you coming?

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