Mind Fuck: you do not want to hear this

In this article, I would like to give a few examples of how I can make you believe things that are not real or are actually not happening, no matter how real they might seem. This is what I call a Mind Fuck! Believe me, I can wrap it in such a way that you will doubt whether it is happening or not! In a simple Mind Fuck you will find out in a few moments that I am joking, but in a big Mind Fuck this can take the whole session!

There are some things you definitely do not want to hear when you are blindfolded, gagged and bound, with no way to escape. The nightmare is complete when your Mistress says one of the following...

You do not want to hear this... or do you?
Mistress Victoria DeVil - Mind Fuck
  • You remind me of my ex... I really want to pay him back for his betrayal.
  • Uhm... Let's see... This part is supposed to go into the urethra, but this other thingie...Well, let's add that too, it should fit.
  • Wow! That is a lot more blood than expected..!
  • What is your wife's name? There is somebody in the hallway claiming to be your wife...
  • Where on earth did I place the key of the chastity devise..?
  • Did you actually want to have children? Because, well... Never mind, you will notice soon enough.
  • Oops... Not the effect I aimed for.
  • Colleague, could you give me a hand over here? Something went terribly wrong...
  • I will tell you a secret... I have never liked you, at all, I am looking forward to go wild on you!
  • Oh no, I forgot my appointment with the nail studio. You will be fine, right? Be right back!
  • By the way, some of my friends will come visit, right about now.
  • I have never done this before... I have already programmed the emergency number, if something goes wrong I can call within a few seconds!
  • Oh oh, your balls are almost black now. Do you think that is a problem?
  • (Absolute silence... for minutes on end, with an increasing panicked look)
  • Last time I used this electro device, he got a heart attack... But still, I want to try it again.
  • I have to open the door when the bell rings, the police will come to do their yearly inspection.

Of course, this is all a part of a roleplay, but it can still get you on edge! If you get on edge easily, I can build up slowly. Do you want to try a Mind Fuck? Great, make an appointment and tell me in our intake!

I can fuck your arse as easily as I can fuck your mind... Do you dare to experience this?
Miss Victoria - Signature

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