May Special: Double Trouble

The May Special is known!

I thought it May be awesome: it’s time for Double Trouble!
Mrs Victoria DeVil - Mei Actie - Double Trouble

Double Trouble

I like to play with one of the other Mistresses of Studio Donna Fiera. This way you will get double the atention... or double the problems... In any case it will be double the pleasure!

We like to challenge each other and combine our ideas to play with you. This synergy will give you an amazing Session you will never forget!!

This month the Double Trouble sessions with two Mistresses have a special rate.

In the entire month of May, the Double Trouble session will cost only € 280,- for 45 minutes!

May Special Conditions

  • This special will only take place in Studio Donna Fiera
  • The special rate is only valid with session of 45 minutes
  • The special rate is only valid with two Mistresses
  • Sessions are depending on who is present
  • Sessions are depending on availability
  • This special can not be combined with other specials
Mrs Victoria DeVil - May Special - Double Trouble
Mistress Victoria DeVil - Signature

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