Maid for Service

Do you like to do chores and tasks as our maid under the supervision of your Mistress?

Or maybe you excel in serving me and the other Mistresses by making coffee and giving us a foot massage?

Mistress Victoria DeVil invites you to be her maid

And what about cleaning toys, or tidying up cabinets for your Mistress while being naked, gagged and wearing a lovely bondage chest harness? Or do you simply find it exciting to be in the presence of a number of beautiful Mistresses?

Book a Session as our Maid of Service!

Your time as Maid for Service will vary between Play and doing tasks and chores for all Mistresses. This way you will be in the Studio, in the presence of me and the other Mistresses, far longer than with any other Session. You will execute all tasks given by any Mistress. However, I will remain your 'Head Mistress'.

Do not miss this chance to experience a rich day, filled with tasks, chores and, of course, Play. Enjoying a number of Mistresses for hours... you know you want to!

Possible Tasks you could be Asked to do

  • Make coffee for all available Mistresses
  • Serve as a Foot Stool for a Mistress
  • Give a Mistress a Foot Massage
  • Do our laundry: turn on laundry machine or fold laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean toys
  • Clean the Play Room
  • Tidy up the clothes for Crossdressing
  • Vacuum or Mop Floors
  • Clean and tidy up a Toy Cabinet
  • Perform these tasks naked or in woman's clothing
  • And more...

Do you want to experience this overwhelming adventure?
Book this Session by mailing me.

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