Session Review: The FemDom Triptych

I received a nice email last february. It contained a session proposal, titled: the FemDom Triptych. It became a very special session with a few surprises from me for him and he also had a few surprises for me. Here you can read the review, including the proposal and you can watch some session photos.

“The Femdom Triptych” An SM-Play in three Acts.

The proposal for the session was sent to me by slave paul and came by email on the 16th of February 2018. The email showed clearly that not only had he thought about what he would like in a session, but also about how it would be shaped. Especially for this post I placed his message on a piece of parchment. Note: The original email was in Dutch, you can read it here.

The email with the Proposal...

The mail I received from slave paul with the session proposal

The Day of the Session

The day was Thursday the 22nd of February 2018 and slave paul was standing at the door. After opening the door and greeting him, he entered. He looked cheerful. In fact, I did not expect anything else.

My slave brought me a nice present! A very personal and very original present. I was pleasantly surprised!

slave paul's card outer side

slave paul's card outer side

slave paul's card inner side

slave paul's card inner side

What did he bring for me?

Of course, this was not all he had brought me!

The special 'Dutch-treats' looked lovely and tasty!

Twelve miniature Tompouces with my picture on it!

The Dutch-Treats (Tompouce) I got from slave paul

The Dutch-Treats (Tompouce) I got from slave paul

The Preparation: The Dilemma

While slave paul took a shower, I continued to prepare for the session. I had already given some thought on what I would do and how I would structure the session.

I re-read the card a few more times, after I read it to the other Mistresses. They too were pleased by the card and the gift. Then I had think about whether I would use the Tompouces in the session or not. It was a very tempting idea and in my head an entire scheme of how to use them evolved.

Of course I could, after he adored my boots, let him take them off and lather my feet with Tompouce. After that he could get the lovely assignment to lick my feet entirely clean! This was fitting for what I had planned for the rest of the session. "Yes! Awesome idea!", I thought, "Only....."

I could not crush myself with my own feet, could I?

However tempting the idea was, crushing myself with my own feet would not happen. I thought the present was too special and too nice to do that! I decided to use the Tompouces as they were meant to.

The Preparation: The Search

Furthermore, I was planning to do a Golden Shower during the session. To prepare myself I already drank a few glasses of water. The idea was to confine him to a toilet chair with tape. I would let him get the toilet chair so I would not have to haul the thing upstairs.

What I still needed... was tape. The tape was not where it was supposed to be. I knew which household slave I had to punish for not putting it back where it belongs, but that did not give me tape right away. Luckily I did not have to search for long.

Mistress Nicole was also present and I had prepared a surprise for slave paul with her. She immediately got excited when I told my idea! I had decided to tell him nothing at all and agreed with her to get when it was time for his surprise!

The last few things were prepared and put in place, slave paul was done showering and ready to start. The fun would finally begin!

I am prepared and I am looking forward to this session! This will be amazing!

To Be Continued...

The article is quite a bit longer than anticipated, so I will split it into parts. Next week, part II of the FemDom Triptych!

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