Extreme Tease & Denial

There are many possibilities in a session. One of these possibilities is Tease & Denial: a play of teasing, provoking, seducing and rejecting. With Extreme Tease & Denial I will go a step further.

Miss Victoria - teasing and seductive

Do you want to be seduced by me?

Would you like me to make you mad with desire?

Then this is the Play for you!

This is a Play where I will remain Dominant over you, but also a Play that can be extremely erotic. A soft SM Play with an erotic touch. A provocative Play. A Play that aims to make you mad with desire and withholds your salvation for a very long time. A play that centers around seduction and refusal, in a sensual and erotic style.

The Difference Between 'Regular' and Extreme Tease & Denial

I can imagine that you are wondering what the difference is between Tease & Denial and Extreme Tease & Denial. In any case it will be a combination between teasing and denying. Meaning I will tease you and seduce you to then deny you your orgasm (orgasm control). This can be a (small) part of a session where a lot of other things will happen that do not directly involve Tease & Denial and Orgasm Control.

With Extreme Tease & Denial I will go a step further. The session revolves mainly around Tease & Denial: teasing you, provoking you and seducing you until you are mad with desire. I can let you beg for permission to come. Or I will bring you to the edge over and over again, but not let you go over the edge so you will not come, let you stay on that edge for a while and then let you calm down a bit. Only to start it all over again. Every time you are almost at the edge this feeling will be enhanced.

If you are sweet to me, and if I want to, I can let you come eventually. This can be a feeling that you feel coming from your toes and will almost feel like a literal explosion because you have been on the edge for so long. In any case, this is experienced as a very intense way of having an orgasm!

Do you dare? Come... I dare you........

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Meesteres Victoria DeVil - Signature

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