Double Trouble!

Are you dreaming of playing with two Mistresses at the same time? Or maybe with me and a female slave? Do you want Double Trouble?

I love to play together with one of the other Mistresses at Studio Donna Fiera. That way you will get double the attention... or double the trouble... In any case it will be double the fun! We like to challenge each other and combine our ideas to play with you. This synergy will give you an amazing Session you will never forget!

I am half of your trouble...

I am half of your trouble...

Playing with a female submissive is something I also love to do. These Sessions open up a myriad of possibilities. I can play with you both, or play with one and make the other watch. What about I tell her to please you, or you to please her? As I said before... a myriad of possibilities.

Below I made an overview of the possible Double Trouble Sessions.

Rates for Sessions of 1 Hour

Possibilities Rate per May 1st, 2019
- 2 Mistresses: € 440,-
- 1 Mistress & 1 Female slave: € 470,-

These are the rates for sessions of one hour. You can also split sessions and only have Double Trouble in the last hour. For example, you can book a Session with me as Mistress for 2 hours, but with a female submissive only in the last hour. For these options you can book a female submissive for an additional € 250,- per hour.

Of course these are not the only options. Check the Rates page for all rates.

The Double Trouble Sessions regularly come at a special rate in Studio Donna Fiera. When this is the case I will post it on the news page.

Great! I hope to take control of you with another Mistress or female submissive soon!

I am often together with Mistress Jill, female slave robin and sometimes with Mistress Manouk. Not everybody will be in the studio exactly on the days that I am there, so check the agenda of the Studio to see who else is available.

Book a Session by calling the Studio, or contact me if you have any questions.

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