Confinement is Liberating

This article is about being locked up during a session, this is called confinement. I would like to tell you something about the amazing effect that it can create, which makes it a liberating and satisfying element of a session with me.

Do you know that feeling? You have been in a packed train or car for a long time, then you get out and you are able to stretch to your heart's content? But did you know it can also be very pleasant not to be able to move your limbs, to be in confinement? How much you can enjoy the inability to move depends mainly on submission.


Most people can enjoy powerlessness. Nice examples are tight bondage, laying on the rack, or your hands attached to a pulley with a spreader bar between your ankles. Sometimes, people can not enjoy this kind of helplessness, like with a kind of claustrophobia. The name claustrophobia means to have a fear (Greek: phóbos = fear) for being trapped (Latin: claudere = to close, claustrum = enclosed place / barrier).

Claustrophobia results in people getting a panic attack because they can not escape. People who have an claustrophobic attack can get symptoms like sweating, shaking, palpitation, dizziness, hyperventilation and anxiety. I always check if you can handle helplessness and if you panic if I walk away for a short time. If that is the case, be honest about it. I am full of ideas, there are a lot of other fun things we can do.

slave in a Leather Body Bag

slave in a Leather Body Bag

Why Confinement?

slave in Bondage

slaaf in Bondage op het bedslave in Bondage

But why is it better for me as well as for you to confine your movement? The ability to move gives a great sense of control. If you can move yourself how and when it pleases you, then you are master of the situation. Is that the reason you want to do a Session with me in the Studio? As far as I know you come here to let met have control over you, that you are submissive to me. A very effective way to show the balance of power is by confinement.

In this way you are forced to surrender yourself to me. Nice, right?

There is a number of ways to confine your movement. One way is to order you to lay still and obey me. The difficulty with this method is that you have to subdue natural impulses. As a human being you react to experiences like tickling and pain with movement. Confining your movements is a way to aid you in your submission to me, I decide when you can move.

Examples of Confinement

Confinement can be done in different ways. A widely used method is the use of rope: bondage. The feeling that your entire torso is being embraced by something rugged but pleasant makes most people calm and relaxed, reducing their impulse to move. A nice variation on bondage is 'suspension'. You are being suspended in ropes, helpless, I am in control. How heavenly will it be when you can not move and receive an intense orgasm while floating in the air? Of course I can also tie you to the bed, immobilizing your arms and legs, then you are mine!

slave hanging in Bondage Suspension

slaaf in een bondage suspensionslave hanging in Bondage Suspension

I think the fetus-effect is something very special. Being a fetus is something nobody remembers. The effects of imitating this phase still work though. If you are being bound in a 'Ball Tie' your body is literally bound like a ball. This is also called the fetal position. It might seem uncomfortable but people who have been in this position agree that they experienced an utmost relaxation. I strongly recommend to try this. It is a very pleasant position to surrender yourself to me.

The fetal position calms and relaxes.
slave wrapped in Foil with Latex Hood

slave wrapped in Foil with Latex Hood

Another interesting method is the use of foil. You probably know saran warp, the cling foil you can use to store food airtight. The foil I use is sturdier and much bigger. I use this foil to wrap your entire body, varying from a bit loosely to very tight, letting me fine-tune your ability to move. The foil makes your skin sensitive, everything feels different than you are used to. I enjoy making a (transparent) mummy of you and letting you feel things you thought you knew, but are unrecognisable because of the foil.


If you find it hard to surrender yourself to me, ask me if I can bind or wrap you. Or fix your head in a hood. Or in a bodybag where only your nipples and groin are accessible...

Shall I tie you up?
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