Bi-slave Afternoon – Special Event

For all subs or slaves who fantasise about, (forcefully or not) being used by several Mistresses for activities with other male subs. Of course, other aspects of BDSM will be used as well. Does this sound appealing? Then the bi-slave day, is a day you should not miss!

You will be surrendered to our inexhaustible fantasies from 1 PM till 4 PM. There will be some snacks and drinks available during a short break. Will you be present?


Monday March 18th 2019

What time?
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

250 euro

Donna Fiera Bi-slave Afternoon


All sign-ups need to be done by phone and we will ask you a couple of questions which apply to this special Sunday. We want to know your limits and boundaries, so we will be sure that this afternoon will be a day you will not forget!

To be sure of enough participants, namely eight people, we ask a down-payment of 50 euro after you made the appointment. If we happen to have insufficient participants, you will get your money back.

If you want to make an untraceable down-payment, you can hand us the money personally by visiting the Studio after making an appointment by phone.

Make sure you will not miss out on this special event!

Three bi-slaves of which two are giving a blowjob

Above you can see an example of what could happen during a bi-slave session. You see three slaves of which two of them are giving blowjobs. Crossdressing was also a part of this session as one of the slaves is dressed in a Female Latex Outfit. This will not happen in every bi-slave session. For more pictures of sessions, view the gallery.

Mistress Victoria DeVil - Signature

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