Anal Play: A Peg for Every Hole

Miss Victoria inviting you for Anal Play

A very enjoyable addition to a Session, or at home, is Anal Play. Although it can be a pleasure for both men and women, I will focus mainly on male subs and slaves in this article.

During Anal Play I will stimulate both the anus and the prostate to give an intense delight or maybe even an orgasm. More about that later. For a lot of men this is the ultimate way do show their submission to me.

I find it terrible to hear when a man who likes to be taken anally, is afraid he has to be or become a homo- or a bisexual. I want to refute that immediately! Anal Play does not turn you gay!

It does not matter how often you enjoy an Anal Play, your sexual preferences will not change because of that!

Now that has been taken care of, I would like to dig a little deeper (pun intended) into this subject.

Is it not Painful? Why is it Pleasant?

Like I said before, an Anal Play can be very enjoyable, mainly because there are a lot of nerves in that area and the prostate is being stimulated. There are a number of ways to do an Anal Play, like fingering, fisting or being taken by, for example, a dildo. Other toys can be used too, like vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads.

A slave taken anally with a Strap-On

A slave taken anally with a Strap-On

It is also possible that it will get sensitive or painful. I will not tell you this never happen. If you have never done Anal Play before, you will have to be stretched over there and that is something you can definitely feel. However, I can assure you that this will not involve an intense pain. If it hurts too much, you can say so, please do. I will take it into account and take it slow. We do not have to start with the biggest dildo! I can also have fun with inserting only my fingers or staying close to the entrance. I can also give you a small plug that has to stay in for a while. That way it has the time to stretch slowly without giving too much pain, after which we can both have some more fun. Maybe it is your fantasy that you Mistress will take you with an impressive strap-on? Awesome! That is a point I would like to reach with you.


slave rick assumes the position

slave rick assumes the position

It is not required to prepare for an Anal Play, but it is possible and even advisable. One of the things you can do clean yourself anally. You can simple clean the area around the anus while you take a shower, and aim the stream into your anus. A more thorough cleaning can be done by using an anal douche. That way you will prevent an embarrassing situation and you will do me a great favor!

Fill the douche with warm water (body temperature) and insert it in your anus. Sit on the toilet and empty the balloon. Hold the water for a short while and let it go. Repeat this until only water comes out. It is best to do this one or two hours before the Session at home, to make sure all the water has gone. This can take some time! An anal douche is no guarantee that you are perfectly clean, but you get pretty close! It is safe to do, but do not do this more than a few times a week.

The best entrance is a relaxed entrance.

Furthermore, it is very important to be relaxed during the Session. Especially when this is your first time for Anal Play, relaxation will help you a lot! Do whatever it is you do to relax before the Session and try to continue relaxing during the Session. This way you can focus on relaxing your mouth and throat, this helps you to relax your anus too and it is relatively easy to do. Finally, it does help to be sexually aroused, but it is not prerequisite.

Tips & Misconceptions

- Make sure you are as relaxed as you can possibly be.
- Being sexually aroused helps, but it is not necessary.
- Focus on relaxing your mouth and throat, this helps relaxing your anus.
- A warm bath, about 20 minutes before the session, can also help you relax.
- Try to have no expectations, since this can lead to disappointment and frustration.
- Anal Play does not hurt anymore after you get used to it.
- Most people need a few tries to fully enjoy the experience.
- A small buttplug can stay in for a day, even a few days without pain or other problems.
- You are not homosexual because you like Anal Play.
- There is nothing wrong with you when you like Anal Play.
- You can not get hemorrhoids from Anal Play (yes, I have had that question several times)
- Be honest about your experience and/or fears!

Do not forget to enjoy it!

Anal Orgasms

Last but not least... Did you know you can have an anal orgasm? I am not talking about coming via the penis! With an anal orgasm some fluids will actually come out of your anus. It can feel like you have to pee, but believe me, that will not happen.

Would you like to experience this?

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